Month: December 2019

Top 5 Factors that affect your Credit Score in UAE

At present, Your Credit Score has become very important in UAE, Banks decide your eligibility for loans, credit cards, and other products based on your credit score and report. Many unexpected businesses are looking to credit score and deciding what your creditworthiness is, large corporate employers are also started checking your credit history, as per recent news a Real estate companies also checking your credit score before giving an apartment on rent, There are hundreds and many factors that affect the credit score. Meanwhile, we take look at the top 5 factors that affect your credit score. 1. Payment History 2. Credit usage 3. Age of credit history 4. Types of credit 5. Recent credit inquiry /applications Payment History Payment history is the most important part of your credit score, Globally it decides the 35% to 40% of your credit score. If you had lent some money from a lender the first question you will hear is “When you will return it”? So the longtime on-time payment will be best for your credit scores. While missing a payment could hurt them. Serious repayment issues, like write-offs, collections, bankruptcy, repossession or foreclosure can devastate your credit score, which may also make

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