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BEST ENDOWMENT PLAN FOR LIFE INSURANCE IN UAE 1.      TriPlus TriPlus  is a money back plan for individuals who require money at certain intervals in their lifetime to meet short and long-term financial needs like purchasing a house, a dream car, or even a vacation. Through TriPlus, Orient Insurance gives you a plan with dual benefits of Life Insurance as well as Capital Guaranteed savings and accrued bonuses during the Policy.   2.     EduCare (Regular + Limited option) EduCare is a life insurance plan bundled with insurance that protects your child’s education and other family requirements in the event of death. This product is designed to provide complete flexibility on plan term and premium payments and allows you to save with capital guaranteed returns on savings and accrued bonuses during the policy.   3.     Life Shield LifeShield is a simple long term capital guaranteed savings plan bundled with insurance benefit that takes care of your family and help them maintain their standard of living – should something happen to you or your partner. Apart from taking care of outstanding loans or mortgages, Life Shield can also protect your children’s education or provide for your partner’s retirement. Request a Call Back

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