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Top 5 tips to Manage your personal finances – know what exactly we want from our MONEY and how to value it!

Personal Finance – 5 tips to know what exactly we want from our MONEY and how to value it!   TOP 5# Personal Finance Tips Tip No. # 1  –  Keep questioning Ask, ask and ask! Yes, although it sounds very simple, knowing the exact purpose by being true to yourself and knowing it genuinely will make this exercise quite easy. To know exactly why money is important to you will guide you on every financial planning decision moving forward. One highly qualified medical consultant understood that money was important to her to spend more time with her family and kids specially. Then with the cooperation of her husband they were able to make those decisions that stuck well with their values. Some others may have than one big reason to start saving money and they can well justify those for their own well being. Tip No. # 2  –  Know the point of start To know where you want to reach you need to know where you stand today. You should clearly know the amount of assets that you hold and what your liabilities are. This may sound very simple and easy, but you should detail everything as much

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