Apart from entertainment, movies also serve as a great source of inspiration in many ways like they can teach us lessons we must know to make our personal finances better. There are a handful of movies that are not only informative but are equally motivating. In terms of money management as well, movies teach us various life lessons. Managing our finances can be tricky, but these movies come in handy whenever we need to know a thing or two about personal finance. Continue reading to know about 5 such movies and their valuable money lessons…

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The Pursuit of Happyness

Pursuit of Happiness Money Movie

The Pursuit of Happyness is a real-life story based on Cristopher Paul Gardner. He was an American businessman as well as a motivational speaker. The movie is based on the struggles faced by him while investing all of his life’s savings into medical equipment. He then went homeless for a year before starting his own stock brokerage firm. The movie provides its viewers with a life-affirming message.

A story of rags to riches, this movie teaches us to follow our dreams, even if it means taking a few appropriate risks. At the same time, it also sends across the message that thorough research is extremely important before we make any decision related to our career and finances.

The Wolf of Wall Street

the wolf of wall street money MovieFeaturing Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street is a memoir by Jordan Belfort. He is a motivational speaker but the movie depicts his life as a stockbroker. Jordan Belfort started his career as a stockbroker and later started his own firm in 1989, named Stratton Oakmont.  The story revolves around how he managed his own stock brokerage house.

This movie teaches us quite a lot of financial lessons like how to handle success and chiefly about investments such as, how to be careful with our investments, investment diversification, and many more.



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Confessions of a Shopaholic

confessions of a shopoholicConfessions of a Shopaholic is originally a novel written by Sophie Kinsella. The movie is just as good as the novel and is a must-watch for each one of us. The lead character is an extreme shopaholic who eventually lands up in debts.

This story teaches us the importance of sticking to our budget. Unnecessary spending can be critical and it is important to respect and manage credit cards rightly. Confessions of a Shopaholic also lets us know how we can get out of the debts pit.

Wall Street

wall street money movie

Wall Street is more than just an entertaining flick. It has a high influence on people about investments. This movie has won the lead actor Micheal Douglas an Academy Award for Best Actor. As said, it has inspired many people to many stockbrokers and to work at Wall Street in New York City.

The movie’s message was quite straightforward: money never sleeps. It teaches us how to become rich, how to manage risks, and why having a financial plan is important.

The Money Pit

the money pit

The Money Pit is an American Comedy film. The plot revolves around a couple who strives to renovate a recently purchased house. 

The movie teaches us that purchasing a house does not end with getting a loan and closing the purchase. A house owner must be prepared with the house maintenance expenses as well. Making purchases without prior research and does not end up well. Moreover, we should only take up loans that we can afford to repay in the long run.






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Powerful financial lessons have immense significance in each of our lives. Due to their importance, we are at a position where we should take in as much information as we can from more than just a couple of sources, which is why financial blogs and banking professionals are just not enough in today’s day and age. Learning from various different sources such as real-life experiences, books, movies, and so on. Be it from a small part in a movie or the entire plot, the number of lessons we can learn from a movie is huge. They can often have a great impact on our lives. All in all, movies serve as a simple and entertaining way to learn about personal finances and money management.