Credit cards have got a reputation for encouraging people to spend. But if you use your credit card smartly, it doesn’t necessarily need to be considered a bad thing. Continue reading to find out how shopping online with a credit card can be highly beneficial and get ready to bid a final goodbye to net banking or cash on delivery mode of payments.

In today’s day and age, credit cards are a necessity for most Dubai residents. Not only do credit cards make shopping and other online transactions convenient, but they can also save you a considerable amount of money through cashback, dining discounts, shopping discounts, etc. Each credit card comes with certain perks and rewards and you should choose your credit card depending on your own lifestyle and how you plan to use the credit card. For example, certain credit cards help travellers accumulate miles, while others offer cashback and rewards to shoppers.

Check out the following benefits of credit card for shopping in UAE.


Benefits of Credit card shopping in UAE

Benefits of Credit card shopping in UAE

  • Rewards points galore

Shopping with a credit card online can fetch you a bunch of rewards. It helps you earn reward points that you can redeem at numerous departmental and retail stores. Credit card companies usually provide you with a catalog of items for which you can redeem your reward points. Some credit cards may even allow you to buy airline tickets with these points or earn flyer miles among other things. So, why would you make a purchase with cash when choosing to pay through your credit card will not only get you the product but also help you earn some extra rewards points and goodies?

  • Cards with additional perks

Even if you are not interested in credit card rewards, you can still leverage the benefits of a credit card. For example, some of the best credit cards offer perks such as free travel insurance, price protection, primary and secondary rental-car coverage, and extended warranties, every time you use them to shop for a particular amount’s worth. Some premium cards come with guaranteed gift vouchers and benefits, such as free access to airport lounges.

  • Smart EMI payments

With a credit card, you have this handy little option to pay for things in easy monthly installments. So, you get to buy your desired product along with time to repay the amount with easy EMI options. However, you must keep in mind though that these installments come with a rate of interest which usually ranges between 12-15% depending on the type of card you are using. At times, though, EMI options come with nil processing fees as well.

  • Cashback offers

In addition to reward points, various credit card companies offer a host of cashback discounts. Popular retailers have a tie-up with credit card companies and thus, offer lucrative discounts for credit cardholders. The best part about this is that you can benefit from attractive cashback offers whenever you shop. So, you get to buy your desired products and also receive additional cashback points at the same time! For example, if your credit card offers you a cashback of 10% on purchases from a particular store, then for every AED 100 spent in that store, you’d get AED 10 credited in your card’s next statement. You can also often avail various discounts at select retail shops, spas, restaurants, and several other places by using your credit card.

  • Perks of brand loyalty 

The growing competition among retailers means that every entity wants to capture the market. Both banks and brands are doing every bit to appease consumers with the best of discounts. Many retailers offer exclusive sales for their loyal customers even before they open it for the general public. So, if you’re a frequent credit card user of a particular bank or on a particular website, you can get some additional loyalty points from the retail site or the bank as well. You can reap all of these benefits just by being a shopping enthusiast! What else can you wish for?

We hope that these hacks have convinced you enough to use your credit card and not opt for cash payments, net banking, or debit card payments the next time you shop. Spending money on credit cards is usually considered to be a bad habit, but once you have read about these deals and lucrative offers, that notion is bound to change! So, what are you waiting for? Go and shop with your credit card and reap the benefits.