Credit cards are one of the easiest and most popular financial tools available, not only in UAE but all across the world. They are convenient to use and allow you to make payments through cashless transactions. Here are

5 reasons why you should make your Bill Payment using your Credit Card…

bill payment using credit Card

bill payment using credit Card

  • They allow you to pay your bills automatically every month

One of the primary benefits of credit cards is that they come with the option of setting up and autopay option while making payments. This feature can be particularly useful for you if you often forget your outstanding payments. You can use your credit card to schedule your monthly payments, which will be auto-debited from your card. You will, of course, be notified via email and SMS. Using credit cards to pay your monthly bills automatically not only saves time but also reduces the hassle of making the payments. You can activate the auto-payment service by entering your personal details once which can be saved for future use.

From the next month onwards, you will not need to go to the billing section to make the payment and the amount will be auto-debited from your credit card

  • They help you keep track of your spending

Credit cards prove to be quite useful when it comes to tracking one’s spending. All the transactions made on the credit card are printed on the credit card statement. This allows users to keep track of their spending and expenditure. People who use cash for making transactions often lose track of their expenditures and tend to spend more than they are supposed to. On the other hand, those who use credit cards are able to keep a systematic track of their budget which helps them to manage finances in an efficient way.

  • They are an alternative for cheques

The conventional and most common methods of making bill payments are those via cash and cheques. However, economies and countries are now inkling more and more towards digital forms of payments. Thus, the use of credit cards is recommended. If you choose to make your bill payments using a credit card, you are able to not only complete the transaction quickly but also get some extra rewards, cashback, or discounts that you would not if you used cheques.

  • You can earn credit card points and rewards

If you wish to earn rewards with every payment that you make, it is time for you to consider paying your bills using a credit card. When you use credit cards to make your payments, there is a high probability that you get a chance to win cashback, discounts, as well as any other ongoing offer that is valid over the payment. If your credit card provider runs a huge reward program, making payments using the card will also accrue credit points which can be later redeemed to make purchases. Apart from credit card points and reward points, a number of credit cards offer Airmiles which can be collected and redeemed to book flight tickets. Thus, card users often get an instant discount or a small cashback since they make their transactions using their credit card.

  • Credit cards offer customer protection

In today’s day and age, numerous credit card companies offer customer protection plans. These plans include various benefits such as travel insurance, zero liability in case of frauds, purchase protection, extended warranties, and so on. All of these additional benefits are available free of cost and can be availed by all credit card users. Moreover, if you book your ticket using your credit card, your travel is usually insured by the company. 

Thereby, credit cards come with numerous benefits. Almost everyone in UAE has availed the benefits of using a credit card at least once in their lifetime. For those who haven’t, credit cards allow you to purchase goods or services on credit for a small fee. They are an alternative for cash and enable you to carry out internet-based and shop-based transactions with ease. Every credit card expert in UAE says that the high cost of living in UAE makes credit cards a must-have financial tool in every household. 

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