Credit cards have numerous benefits and are available for all sorts of requirements, including spending on your home renovations. Here’s how credit cards can help if you are spending on home improvements…

Homebuying season, which also tends to be the prime home renovation season, is now upon us. We often tend to spend a lot on our homes. This is where credit cards come to the rescue. The use of credit cards strategically and mindfully can help you offset the costs of improving your abode. By using credit cards for everyday spending, you can rack up rewards and then use them to make any home-related purchases. Of course, whenever you use credit cards to accumulate rewards, it is important to pay off your balance each month because the cost of interest on credit card debt can easily outweigh the benefit of any rewards. That being kept in mind,

here are a number of ways you can benefit by using credit cards for home improvements spendings …

credit cards for home improvements

credit cards for home improvement

  • Reward yourself as you renovate

You can use your rewards that you have amassed to essentially payback for your purchases. However, another way to reduce such costs is on the front end, by making the purchase with a credit card that gives you rewards or discounts on the home improvement spending you’re doing.

For instance, ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card offers awesome rewards in the form of cashback to every cardholder. Aside from the copious amounts of cashback, you also enjoy various other benefits on this card such as complimentary roadside assistance, valet parking facility, and convenience of making card payments. 

The RAKBANK Titanium Card comes with added advantages and privileges that are unmatched by any other card of its type. This card offers great perks such as a 55-days interest-free period, exclusive offers on jewellery, dining, holidays, etc., purchase protection and entertainment options like dining and cinema. Customers can enjoy cashback offers on their grocery and other household purchases at supermarkets and dining locations at up to 5% of the total amount.

The Emirates NBD Lulu MasterCard Titanium Credit Card is another fabulous financial tool when it comes to rewards and cashback. Emirates NBD Lulu MasterCard Titanium Credit Cardholders can earn rewards by collecting reward points that can be redeemed after crossing an objective that will be decided by them and the credit card company beforehand.

  • Leverage sign-up bonuses

If you’re applying for a new card, some offer sign-up bonuses once you meet a required spending threshold over a period of a few months. And you can put that “free money” toward housing-related improvement purchases. Numerous banks in UAE such as ADIB, RAKBANK, and Emirates NBD offer sign-up bonuses on their credit cards.

  • Evaluate store cards

If you plan on spending a significant amount at a particular store over time as you spruce up your home, you might want to consider getting that store’s co-branded credit card. Many of these cards can reward loyalists handsomely:

  • The Lowe’s Advantage Card, for example, offers 5% off eligible Lowe’s purchases.
  • The IKEA Visa Credit Card offers 5% back on Ikea purchases (as well as 3% back on dining, grocery, and utility purchases, and 1% back on other purchases).
  • The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card offers 5% back at Amazon and Whole Foods (and 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores, plus 1% back on everything else).
  • The Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard offers 5% back at and purchases through the Walmart app; 2% back on in-store purchases and at restaurants and on travel purchases; and 1% back on everything else.

With credit cards, spending more may mean spending less, and owning a cashback credit card is nothing less than a luxury. You must consider having a credit card with rewards and cashback if you want to experience the advantage of earning more with every spending you make. Interestingly, they payback to the user a certain percentage of their purchases that they make with the card, exposing that money up for use in further purchases. So, if you spend a lot on your home improvements and other supplies, you might benefit from a cashback credit card more than any other credit card.