With so many banks present in UAE and each bank offering a number of different credit cards, choosing the right credit card for you might get overwhelming. But, don’t worry, MoneyMall, has got you covered We have listed the top 5 credit cards in UAE to go for. Read more…

Credit cards need no introduction. Almost everyone in UAE has availed the benefits of using a credit card at least once in their lifetime. For those who haven’t, credit cards allow you to purchase goods or services on credit for a small fee. It is an alternative for cash and enables you to carry out internet-based and shop-based transactions with ease. Each one of the Top 30 Credit Card Blogs in UAE says that the high cost of living in UAE makes Credit Cards a must-have financial tool in every household. In such a scenario, it is a must to know the top credit cards available for you and choose the best one as per your financial requirements. Here are the 5 best credit cards in UAE:

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ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card

This credit card comes with a very low-interest rate of 2.99%. You only require a minimum salary of AED 5000 with no annual fee for the first year whatsoever. Other advantages of ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card are as follows:

  • Cash withdrawal up to 100% of your credit limit
  • Unlimited times 1% cashback on all spends done with this card
  • No minimum spending amount required to receive cashback from this card
  • SMS alerts for all transactions
  • Access to airport lounges worldwide via Veloce lounge
  • Other facilities such as roadside assistance
  • Valet parking services

Additional features of this credit card include:

  • 4 supplementary cards can be availed with this card
  • Convenience to make your card payments in any of ADIB branches
  • You can transfer your balance at a rate of 3% or for AED 300
  • The annual fee is free for one year and AED 1000 is charged from the second year onwards
  • Free grace period up to 55 days to repay the complete outstanding balance

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum

At an interest rate of 3.45% and a minimum salary requirement of AED 5000 only, this credit card is one of the best options for people in UAE. The card also comes with a number of other benefits, such as:

  • Buy 1 coffee at Costa Coffee and get 1 for free
  • Earn 1 Rewards point for every 1 dollar spent
  • Get up to 12% discounts on travel bookings through Agoda.com
  • Get up to 20% off at the popular golf clubs
  • Get up to 30% off on bookings made at Timeout Dubai and Timeout Abu Dhabi

Other features of Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum include:

  • No annual fee is charged for the first year. From the second year onwards, AED 525 is charged.
  • Rewards are offered for everyday spending

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HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

The minimum salary required to avail HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card is AED 10000 and the interest rate is 3.25%. It comes with numerous other benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • 15% discount on British Airways fares for flights from UAE to UK, Europe, USA, and Canada.
  • Exclusive offers on dining and shopping at 19000 outlets in 160 countries.
  • Buy one get one free offer at VOX cinemas with this card.
  • 12% discount with AGODA.
  • Credit shield plus can be availed with this card
  • Access the HSBC mobile app for more discounts and offers.

This credit card is recognized by the Top 30 Credit Card Blogs due to the following features:

  • This card is recognized over 32 million establishments
  • This card offers you benefits home and abroad
  • It also offers you a team of financial advisers and helps you achieve your financial goals
  • This bank offers you an instant credit card with instant approval
  • It provides an instant limit approval
  • You get an interest free period of up to 56 days

Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card

The interest rate for Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card is as low as 3.25% and the minimum salary required is only AED 5000. The advantages of this card are as follows:

  • Up to 40% discount at 100 Golf courses worldwide
  • Up to 30% off at over 2000 restaurants across the UAE
  •  3% discount on air tickets and up to 10% discount on holiday packages through the Emirates NBD Travel Desk
  • For every AED 100 retail spend on your card, you will earn 1 Plus Point
  • Plus points can be redeemed for cashback
  • Complimentary access to over 10 VIP lounges in UAE, KSA, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt

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Other features of this card are:

  • Flexibility to pay as little as 5% of the outstanding balance each month, and carry forward the balance to the next statement
  • Balance transfer at the rate of 0.8%, with a choice of 3 to 36 months
  • Annual fee of AED 400
  • Instant access to up to 50% of your credit limit as cash

RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card

Apart from a low-interest rate of 3.45% and a minimum salary requirement of AED 10000, this credit card also offers quite a few other advantages, such as:

  • Complimentary travel insurance on travel bookings made using RAK Titanium Credit Card
  • Quick and easy money transfer facility from anywhere in the world
  • A free supplementary credit card
  • 5% cashback on dining & supermarkets
  • 50% cashback on movies
  • Free travel and purchase protection
  • Monthly payments extended up to 55 days
  • Free protection on the purchases made using RAK Titanium credit card

A few features of RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card are:

  • No annual fee charges
  • Travel benefits like airport lounge access, travel insurance, complimentary stays, etc.
  • Standard cashback on every transaction

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Over the years, credit cards have evolved to suit each of your spending needs. They provide high reward points on everyday spendings as well as discounts at restaurants, online shopping and so on. Most of the banks in the UAE also offer cashback on every dirham spent using the card. Thus, it is important to choose your credit card wisely. We hope that this article brought you one step closer to your decision.