April 2020 onwards, UNB customers are being offered with the new ADCB products and services. UNB customers who had accounts, loans, credit cards with UNB were transferred to ADCB and provided new products accordingly. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) announced a merger with Union National Bank (UNB) and Al Hilal Bank in 2019. As a result, Al Hilal Bank is operating as a standalone bank that offers Islamic Banking services and Union National Bank got unified with ADCB making its former customers avail of new products/ services from ADCB. 

UNB account holders are being given new ADCB account numbers and Customer Identification Numbers (CiD) while UNB Debit Cardholders are being provided with new ADCB Debit Cards. Till the new debit card is received, customers can continue using their UNB cards. Existing UNB credit cardholders are also being provided with new ADCB Touchpoints Platinum Credit Card.  Additionally, UNB customers will be given new loan accounts with the same interest rates, charges and terms & conditions that were applied by the UNB. 

UNB customers can make use of ADCB internet banking and mobile banking services with their existing UNB banking credentials. After April 2, 2020, UNB digital banking services have been deactivated. UNB digital banking customers who had not logged in to UNB digital banking platforms since November 2019 needed to log in once before March 31, 2020, to keep their digital banking credentials active. On the other hand, investors have been given new portfolio numbers and their current UNB investments have been transferred to ADCB. 

However, the scenario is different for already existing ADCB customers, with not more than a couple of changes here and there. Customers who already had an account at both Abu Dhabi National Bank and Union National Bank have been provided with a single CID and new account numbers. 

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Are the former UNB customers able to avail of the ADCB rewards program facility? 

When the UNB customers are given new ADCB products and services, they will be eligible for the ADCB Touchpoints rewards program which can be availed each time you bank with ADCB.

How to activate UNB internet banking services if you have not used them recently?

If you have not logged in to the UNB internet banking services since November 2019, you can reset your password and login to the ADCB internet banking portal. 

Are existing UNB chequebooks valid any longer?

Yes. Your existing UNB chequebook is still valid. However, it is recommended to get a new ADCB cheque book once you get your account details. 

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Is there any change in the fees and charges applied to UNB products?

For the retail customers, the fees and charges of UNB products were already changed according to ADCB in November 2019. So, there has not been any change in the fees and charges currently. For wholesale banking customers, fees and charges are now according to the ADCB wholesale banking fees and charges. 

Are UNB interest rates applied to existing fixed deposits?

Existing fixed deposit accounts have the same interest rates as per the UNB. If the deposits have been renewed, then ADCB rates are applied.

Do you have to add my payment beneficiaries to the ADCB internet banking portal again? 

No. Your existing UNB payment beneficiaries are already available on the ADCB internet banking portal. 

Are existing loans at ADCB and UNB combined now?

No. Your UNB loan and your ADCB loan are not combined. Your UNB loan continues to work with the same terms and conditions & interest rates as before. 

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Are existing credit cards at UNB and ADCB now combined as one card?

No. Your existing ADCB credit card remains the same. Only UNB credit cards have been deactivated and users have been provided with a new ADCB Touchpoints Platinum Credit Card.

Following this seamless transition, over one million customers now enjoy all the benefits of banking with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, including convenient and highly efficient internet and mobile banking as well as a wide range of enhanced products and services. The banking systems of the three banks – ADCB, Union National Bank (UNB), and Al Hilal Bank – are now unified, with former UNB customers transferring to ADCB systems, applications, and digital banking platforms.