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Mortgage Calculator UAE |  Dubai mortgage calculater 

Top 3 Mortgages in November 2021

Mortgage calculator UAE can help you estimate your monthly home mortgage repayments & EMIs. 
Check how interest rates, terms, and extra payments affect your monthly payment and budgets.

Benefits of UAE Mortgage calculater

Purchasing an own home is always one of the largest financial transactions many salaried individuals do in their life.

Buying a home is not easy, One needs to Set a budget upfront, Even long before they start looking at properties, Our Mortgage Calculator can help you avoid falling in love with a home you can’t afford.

Our mortgage calculater can help set a budget so you can adjust your loan and down payment amounts, interest rate and loan term to see how much your payments might change. It’s important to know what your specific interest rate will depend on your overall credit profile and debt service ratio,

DSR ratio is the sum of all of your existing loans and cards + new mortgage payment / by your gross monthly income. As per UAE Banks, Your DSR ratio has to remain under 50% at all times.

Use this UAE mortgage calculater to calculate estimated monthly
mortgage payments as per the best rate options available.

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Top 3 UAE Mortgages in November 2021

Get the cheapest home mortgage loan rates in Dubai and UAE within minutes! We compare mortgage offers from 100+ lenders to find the best home loan for you! 

Here are the top 3 Mortgage Providers in UAE for November 2021


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Last Modified on 2021-11-24

Bank Name

Mortgage Loan / Financial Product Name

Starting Interest Rate *
RAKBANKRAKBANK Mortgage Home Loan/ Islamic Finance2.04%
CBDCBD Mortgage Loan2.49%
CBDCBD Mortgage Loan for Self-Employed3.54%
ADIBADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals2.06%
ADIBADIB Home Financ for Expats2.06%

Components of the Mortgage Calculater UAE

Mortgage Calculator UAE - Mortgae Calculater


Our Mortgage Calculator UAE includes All the basic components of a mortgage calculater. 

  1. Total Property Value – Its the total cost of the Home you are planning to purchase. 
  2. Mortgage Loan amount – the amount which you want to borrow from a lender or bank. In a mortgage, this amounts to the purchase price minus any down payment. The maximum loan amount one can borrow normally correlates with household income or affordability. 
  3. Down payment —the upfront payment of the purchase which you are going to make from your pocket/ savings , usually a percentage of the total price. This is the portion of the purchase price covered by the borrower. Typically, mortgage lenders want the borrower to put 25% or more as a down payment.A general rule-of-thumb is that the higher the down payment, the more favorable the interest rate and the more likely the loan will be approved.
  4. Repayment term —the amount of time over which the loan must be repaid in full. Most mortgages are for 15, 20, or 30-year terms. A shorter period, such as 10 or 15 years, typically includes a lower interest rate.
  5. Interest rate —the percentage of the loan charged as a cost of borrowing. Mortgage providers can charge either fixed-rate mortgages for initial few years and then the rate will be adjusted according to the EIBOR.  the advertised rate can be a Flat rate or a reducing Interest rate depending on the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgage Calculator UAE

LTV is the relationship between the value of the property and the borrowed amount.

For example: If your property value is  AED 1,000,000, and you have a mortgage for AED 700,000, your loan to value ratio is 70% — because the loan makes up 70% of the total price.

  • In flat rate, the interest rate is calculated on the principal amount of the loan. While reducing rate, the interest rate is calculated only on the outstanding loan amount on a monthly basis
  •   Fixed rates are generally lower than the reducing balance rate. (at the beginning)
  •   calculating the flat interest rate is easier as compared to reducing balance rate in which the calculations are quite tricky. 
  •   In practical terms, the reducing rate method is better than the flat rate method

Read more at https://moneymall.ae/credit-blog/reducing-interest-rate-in-uae/

the key consideration when looking at a mortgage is whether you can afford the repayments.

There are some basic rules that you need to consider when using our mortgage calculator in this regard.


  1. The less you borrow the more affordable the mortgage. This may sound so obvious that it does not need to be said, but stretching to have a fourth bedroom when you really do not need one can often be a step too far!
  2. The longer the mortgage term the cheaper are the monthly repayments.The average mortgage term for first time buyers is 30 years. The other side of this is that the longer the mortgage term the more you will pay in interest. Try and start with a mortgage term that is not the longest one available to you!
  3. In 2021, fixed rates are significantly cheaper than variable rates and are therefore more affordable. (By historical standards fixed rate being cheaper than variable rates is very unusual ). So at present, fixed rates are generally a better option than variable rates.
  4. When you look at the monthly mortgage payments figures in our mortgage calculater you should add 25% to this figure when considering affordability. So if the payment is  AED 5,000 you should be comfortably able to afford  AED 6,250 per month.

Mortgage Rates in UAE are Based on EIBOR Rates provided by Central bank of UAE, 

So Majority banks offer a Low Initial Starting rate to customers but in long term after fixed period expiry Interest rates can increase or decrease based on the EIBOR

Read More about How the EIBOR is Calculated and What today’s EIBOR rate.