If you pay your bills on time, the only expenditure that you have to make on a credit card is the annual fee, all major credit card providers charge annual fee on their credit card facility in UAE but have you ever heard of free for life credit cards. Well, there are many credit card companies in the UAE that offer these cards for free! Wallah! So, let’s know more about a free for life credit card.

Credit cards charge an annual membership fee from their patrons. This annual membership fee has to be paid by the credit card holders every year which they may pay by redeeming their rewards, points or by taking credit from their credit card itself. This annual fee may be waived for particular customers, on particular cards or by particular banks too. However, there are several credit cards in the UAE that do not charge an annual fee at all. Thus, these cards cause no extra expenditure to the cardholder. Hence, they are known as free-for-life credit cards. 

free for life

Here is the list of Top 5 free for life credit cards in the UAE

1. Citi free for life Credit Card

Citi free for life credit card_Simplicity_Card

  • No Annual Fee, No late fee, cash advance fee or over-limit fee – Ever
  • Turn any big purchase into small payments
  • Instant cash at a click of a button
  • Enjoy Local discounts and offers on dining, online shopping and entertainment

2. Emirates NBD free for life credit card

emirates nbd free for life credit card u_by_emaarCard

U By Emaar Family Credit Cards by Emirates NBD

  • Earn 50  UPoints per AED 100 on all spends at Emaar and 10 Upoints per AED 100 on all spends outside Emaar
  • Easy Instalment Plans and 0% Balance Transfer to your new Credit Card of up to 12 month
  • Low-interest rates on purchases
  • Up to 30% off on dining, hotels and entertainment across Emaar properties
  • No annual fee applicable on this emirates nbd credit cards

3. ADCB free for life credit card

ADCB free for life credit card-Lulu_Titanium

ADCB Lulu Titanium Credit Card is one of the Zero Annual Fee Credit card offered by ADCB.

  • Each 5,000 LuLu points gives voucher worth AED 50.
  • Enjoy complimentary airport lounge access with LuLu Titanium credit card.
  • Your ADCB LuLu Titanium Credit Card gives you a maximum of 55 interest-free days, provided you continue to pay your outstanding balance in full, by the due date.
  • Interest free balance transfers Available within 90 days of card registration, plus you have the flexibility to repay over up to 24 months.
  • 0% interest on School Fee Payments
  • Easy EMI offers

4. FAB free for life credit card

FAB free for life credit card

  • Earn up to 2.5 FAB Rewards per AED 1 you spend
  • High credit limits
  • Loyalty benefits
  • Get up to 10% Cashback all year round at leading global online stores using your FAB Credit Card.


5.  CBD Free for Life Credit Card 

CBD Free for life credit card

CBD Visa Platinum Credit Card is a free-for-life credit card in the UAE which offers benefits like:

  • Discounts across vox Cinemas
  • Supplementary cards
  • Chip and pin Technology


Things to remember before getting a free for life credit card

People are different and so are their credit card needs. And while you hunt for a credit card that meets your needs, the free-for-life credit card fulfills all your needs at-a-go. However, these credit cards may be different and may depend from one individual to another, according to their spending habits. So here are a few suggested factors to keep in mind before opting for a free-for-life credit card…

  • Fees:

    You should keep in mind the various fees charged by the credit card company like balance transfer fees, over credit limit fees, dynamic currency change fees cash advance fee etc.


  • Rewards rate:

    These credit cards offer a higher value of rewards and points every time you use your card, which means that your payback must be growing after every purchase you make using your credit card


  • Sign-up bonus:

    Credit card companies that offer the free-for-life cards use sign-up bonus for new customers to attract them towards their company. You must compare multiple sign up bonuses and do your due diligence before you settle on one credit card company. Look for the company that offers you the greatest advantage and go with them


  • Staying power:

    Always think long term when you are opting for a credit card. Long-term benefits of credit cards trump short-term benefits. The long term rewards will pay off in the long run and the short-term benefits of the current credit card won’t matter. You must, therefore, also keep in mind important factors like balance transfer fee of the card, in case you decide to change credit card companies in the middle of a billing cycle even when you haven’t paid all your debt

How can I find lifetime free credit cards?

To find a lifetime free credit card, you need to compare credit cards, their benefits and also the period for which annual fees is zero at MoneyMall.

Are there any criteria to get a credit card for free?

Yes, every bank has eligibility criteria according to which the credit cards are offered