A person planning to get a credit card for the first time in the UAE has to check a lot of boxes before applying. And amongst these boxes comes a minimum salary criterion of the customer. Wondering whether you qualify to hold a credit card or not? Let’s find out…

What is the minimum salary required?

The minimum salary for a credit card in UAE is mostly AED 5000. This number is arbitrary because it varies from bank-to-bank and financial institution-to-institution. However, there are several banks that provide credit cards in the UAE for a minimum salary of AED 5000. This number is also based on various surveys and studies that were performed across a lot of banks in the country and is considered to be the average salary that is required. It is possible that there might be a lower minimum salary in some individual banks too.

Best credit cards in the UAE for AED 5000 salaries are:

  • FAB Gems MasterCard Credit Card

  • ADIB Cashback VISA Platinum Card

  • Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card

There are high benefits to applying to each of these cards. These benefits are not limited to basic features. They also offer premium advantages like cash backs, discounts on dining, travel, movie tickets and much more.

Credit cards in the UAE for a lower salary:

Currently, there are no banks in the UAE that offer a credit card to people who earn AED 3000. As aforementioned, the minimum salary for procuring a credit card is AED 5000.