What are ADCB TouchPoints?

Its a Loyalty program offered by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank which rewards you the with ADCB TouchPoints, ADCB allows its customers to earn points through various options of banking with ADCB.  Additionally, the bank also provides an abundance of choices to redeem points. 

ADCB Touchpoints Credit Card

ADCB Touchpoints Credit Card

How can you earn  ADCB TouchPoints?

Customers can earn points when they spend on any ADCB Debit or Credit Card, finance through ADCB, save with ADCB, and invest with the bank. Customers can also earn points for online banking, bill payments, and several other interactions with ADCB.

ADCB Credit Card Type Points per 1 AED
ADCB Classic Credit Card 0.5 Points
ADCB Gold Credit Card 0.5 Points
ADCB Platinum and Excellency Credit Cards 1 Point
ADCB Excellency Visa Infinite Credit Cards 1.5 Points
ADCB Private World Elite MasterCard 4 Points
ADCB Traveller Credit Card 2 Points
  • Utilities like DEWA , Etisalat bill payments through ADCB credit cards

Card Type Points per 1 AED
Classic Credit Card 0.5 Points
Gold Credit Card 0.75 Points
Platinum and Excellency Credit Card 1 Point
Excellency Visa Infinite Credit Card 1.5 Points
ADCB Private World Elite MasterCard 4 Points
Traveller Credit Card 2 Points

*Points are earned if the bill is more than AED 3,500 per month

  • ADCB Debit cards

Card Type Points per 4 AED

Local Spending

Points per 2 AED

International Spending

ADCB Titanium Debit Card 1 Point 1 Point
ADCB Privilege Club Debit Card 1.25 Points 1.25 Points
ADCB Excellency Premium Debit Card 1.50 Points 1.50 Points


  • ADCB Loans

Loan Type Points per AED 1,000 spent
ADCB Personal Loan  between

AED 10,000 and AED 150,000

200 Points
ADCB Personal loans above AED 150,000 300 Points
ADCB Smart Loan > 10,000 300 Points
ADCB Mortgage Loan 200 Points
ADCB Car Loan 50 Points


  • ADCB insurance products

Insurance Type Points earned for every

AED 1,000 of premium paid

ADCB Premium Protection Insurance 2000 Points
ADCB Premium Savings Insurance 750 Points
ADCB Premium Single Insurance 250 Points


  • Other banking services offered by ADCB

Banking Service Points earned per AED 1000
ADCB Current and savings accounts from AED 10,000 to AED 25,000 15 Points
ADCB Current and savings accounts from AED 25,000 to AED 100,000 20 Points
ADCB Current and savings accounts more than AED 100,000 25 Points
ADCB Excellency Current and Savings Account 25 Points

*TouchPoints are earned for current and savings accounts if the average account balance per month is AED 10,000 or more.

*TouchPoints are earned for current and savings accounts if the average account balance per month is AED 50,000 or more.

  • Online banking services

Electronic Service Points earned
First Time Registration 500 Points
Mobile App 500 Points
SMS Banking 500 Points
Contact Centre 500 Points
Utility Bill Payment (per Payment) 50 Points
External Fund Transfer (per Transfer) 500 Points 

*Customers will earn additional points for using Internet Banking, SMS, or Mobile App. You get 250 points when you use any of the above services for a month, 500 points when you use any of the mentioned services for 2 months, and 1000 points when you use any of these services for three months.

*Points are earned for each service separately. For example, if customers use SMS and mobile services for three months they will earn 1000 points for using SMS as well as 1000 points for using the application.

*Customers will also earn 500 bonus points if they transfer money using the Internet Banking or Bank application in the first three months of use.


  • Purchase ADCB TouchPoints

Customers who wish to redeem a specific reward and do not have enough points can purchase up to 15,000 points per day at a rate of AED 0.8 per 100 points. 


How can you redeem ADCB TouchPoints?

ADCB TouchPoints redemption can be redeemed in any of the following ways:

  1. Vouchers: A number of suppliers offer vouchers for ADCB Loyalty customers. You can review a list of suppliers here.
  2. Pay at shops directly: Customers can visit any of ADCB’s business partners and inform customer services that they wish to pay with their points. They need to have their ADCB Card with them to see the list of partners.
  3. Points Transfer: Customers can convert  TouchPoints to the Etihad Guest Rewards program at a rate of 14 points = 1 Mile. Similarly, they can transfer points to the Emirates Skywards Rewards program at a rate of 18 points = 1 Mile.
  4. Payment of Bills: Customers can pay water, electricity, mobile, Salik, and several other bills using their points as a payment method.
  5. Donate Points: Customers can donate their points to any of the charities and associations that participate with ADCB including Al Jalila Foundation, UAE Red Crescent, and others.

How do I use ADCB TouchPoints?

these are the Easy Steps to Redeem your ADCB TouchPoints:
  1. Login to ADCB Personal Internet Banking or Mobile app.
  2. Click on “TouchPoints” and then “Redeem Now”
  3. Select your preferred redemption option.
  4. Complete the transaction.

ADCB Touchpoints Credit Card offer

ADCB Touchpoints Credit Car benefits

ADCB Touchpoints Credit Card comes with many unique benefits as mentioned below;

1. Complimentary U By Emaar Platinum Tier Membership

Your ADCB Touchpoints Infinite Credit Card unlocks a complimentary elite U By Emaar Platinum Tier membership. As a Platinum Tier member, you gain access to a world of benefits and privileges across Emaar group:

2. 20% off Talabat orders  for up AED 20 off per order on 4 orders a month

Get 50% off your weekend Careem rides, when you pay with your ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Card. To take to advantage of this benefit, remember to use promo code RIDEADCB.

Enjoy 15% off Noon.com orders when you pay with your ADCB TouchPoints card, for upto AED 100 off per order on 1 order every month. The discount is valid on orders in UAE and is not applicable on mobile wallet payments.

Ticket discounts and Flash/Quick Pass benefits are applicable to the cardholder and up to a maximum of three accompanying guests. Visit www.adcb.com/yasfun for details

Just spend AED 5,000 with your credit card every month to enjoy uninterrupted access. Reservations are mandatory and available on a first-come, first-served basis for up to 14 days in advance.

Double up on incredible experiences and download the Visa Offers MENA mobile app to treat yourself to exclusive 2-for-1 deals on food and entertainment in addition to over 5,000 travel discounts.

Ride with Careem and enjoy 4 complimentary airport transfers (up to AED 100 off per ride) when you pay using your ADCB Visa Infinite Credit Card. To take advantage of this offer, use promo code UAEVI

9. Complimentary Multi-Trip Travel Insurance cover protects you and your family for international and local trips for up to 90 days and includes:

ADCB TouchPoints Calculator

You earn touchpoints every time you spend with your ADCB debit card or ADCB credit card and when you open an account or invest or avail a finance service solution in ADCB. You even get points when you use ADCB e-channels like website and various ADCB mobile apps, to calculate how many points you earn

Use ADCB Touchpoints calculator here : https://www.adcb.com/en/personal/adcb-for-you/touchpoints/