Moving out of UAE is not done just by bag packing and getting a visa to your desired country. You must give a good couple of months to make your relocation preparations before you jet off. Whatever the reason might to leave UAE, it might be you completed your work contract or you are at the end of your visa period. You must follow this checklist so you don’t miss out on any of this important must-dos.

Leaving UAE

Leaving UAE

Clear your debts

Non-payment of your debt is a criminal offence in UAE, If you fail to repay your debt it could lead to arrest you and sentenced to jail. you may be stopped to re-enter to the country even it is in transit. So it is important to keep this as a top priority and maintain your finances clean by clearing your debts.

Work contract

No matter if you have decided to quit the job or your work contract finishes. You must notify it to your employer In advance before your work contract ends. You will be required to hand over your passport to the employer to cancel your residence visa. Get your final payout sorted with your employer.

Your medical insurance will be cancelled and cards need to be returned to the employer.


Close your bank account and repay your debts

Before you leave UAE, make sure that you have closed all your bank accounts in the country. Visit your nearest branch and fill out a closure form. Many banks will be able to give you the cash sum of your balance, You have figure out where to transfer your existing saving funds.tHings will be easier if you have an account at other parts of world or country where you relocate. So that bank can transfer your funds on your concerned account.

Make sure that you clear up all your debts, loans and credit card balances. Once you repay them, be sure to have a no-liability letter issued by the bank, as well as any post-dated cheques,  returned to you.

Sort your property

If you stay in a rented house make sure you notify your landlord about not to renew your tenancy contract at least 3 months before your contract expires. If you need an extension of one or two months you need to renew your contract accordingly. Make sure that return rented house keys and collected your outstanding deposits which paid earlier.

If it is your own house then it would be best to engage the services of an agent to sell or rent the property. You would need to issue a power of attorney to your agent authorising him to look for prospective tenants.

Get your utility accounts cleared

This is the time you need to cancel your contracts with the mobile phone operator, internet and television providers. Don’t forget to claim your deposits that you paid earlier. Cancel the newspaper, water vendor or other services that are delivered to your doorstep.

Cancel your Etisalat and DU Phone and Internet connection, at least 10 days before to avoid any issues in future.

On the last few days leave UAE, inform the DEWA department to cancel your electricity and water connection and get your deposit back. Make sure to keep the original receipts.