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Platinum Card offers, Apply for Platinum Credit Card in UAE

What is a platinum card? Platinum card is one of the levels of the credit cards, Its one of the top level of premium credit card available in UAE, only coming second to Titanium, Diamond credit cards when these are available. Platinum cards are one of the premium credit cards and it comes with an extensive rewards program and higher limits. As premium cards, platinum credit cards are designed for a class of higher-income individuals, so they come with Low-interest rates, But high annual fees. This reflects the fact that such cardholders can afford to pay their balance in full every month and thus don’t usually pay interest. Is a High Annual Fee on the platinum card is worth it?It really depends on how you plan to use your card and your spending habits. If you know that you will be spending high amounts throughout the year, earning the maximum number of rewards points, making use of the premium services we mentioned above, and paying off your balance in full every month so you don’t pay interest, then it may be worth paying the huge annual fee to hold a platinum credit card. Check out the List of Best Credit Cards in

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